ICTTE 2020حNaples,Italy

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Naples Attractions

Naples is a real treasure trove of art and history, of indelible signs from past dominations, each of which has contributed to this city's construction. Its center, in particular, encompasses a heritage so rich that it has been designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site.
2,500 years of history is evidenced in palaces, churches, monuments and art galleries, amidst which the Napoletani carry on their daily lives with their trademark vivacity and creativity.
Four castles tower over the city. The different but well-integrated architectural lines of Castel Nuovo, otherwise known as the Maschio Angioino, evoke the double role of palace and fortress that this building played during the domination of the Anjou and Aragon families. The Triumphal Arch commissioned by King Alfonso I of Aragon and designed by Pietro de Martino and Francesco Laurana is rare in that it is of a rather austere beauty. On a small island, linked to the mainland by a bridge is the monumental Castello dell’Ovo, now an exhibition and congress center, with a stunning view of the whole Bay.
Nestled on the Vomero lies Castel Sant'Elmo, overlooking the street locally known as Spaccanapoli that divides the city into two sections. Finally, Castel Capuano, originally built as a fortress but subsequently renovated and transformed into a residence for the aristocrats. Nearby, Porta Capuana, outlined by a marble arch, is the main entrance to the old town.


                     Mount Vesuvius                                                  Museo Vesuviano


                         Sentiero degli Dei                             Basilica di San Francesco di Paola

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